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Our lifestyles are busy. We all tend to take care of everyone else, but neglect one very important person – our self! Consider that if we don’t take care of our health and wellness, feel our best and fire at 100%, how can we take care of our family, do our best at work, enjoy the people in our lives, and relish in things that we like to do? We can’t take care of others if we don’t take care of ourselves first. It all starts with you!

As an NPC Bikini Competitor in my forties, I know that what I put in my body is as important as working out. The power of positivity, diet, exercise, vitamins, and dietary supplements are key to feeling good on the inside and looking good on the outside. As I was heading into my third show prep, I was very lean thanks to diet, exercise and my coach, but I still had LOOSE skin on my abdomen. I was trying lots of different remedies to tighten that skin, and one day learned about those crazy wraps… the It Works® Ultimate Body Applicator. I bought four wraps from a friend of my teammate at our gym and I was hooked!

The It Works® body contouring cream infused cloths were just the help I needed to tighten that loose skin and feel more confident during my prep. I use them all the time now, whether I’m preparing for a show, going to the beach, or getting ready for date night! Just try that crazy wrap thing!

When you add the whole suite of It Works® products into your health and exercise regime, including the Cleanse, Regular, Greens, Protein Powder, skin care and more, you have a winning combination.

All it takes is to make that first step to taking care of your self and feeling better. Contact me at 540-533-0991 (mobile or text) or email me at [email protected] to get started with a cleanse or to get your first crazy wrap thing!

Take advantage of savings when you become a Loyal Customer and make It Works® a part of your routine!

Peace and Fitness,

Krista Kay

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